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6 Tips for Stuffing Your Pet After Death

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Losing a pet can be just as difficult as losing a person. You have a unique bond with your pet, and when they are gone, it can be devastating. Knowing how you want to memorialize your pet is critical. Stuffing your pet after death is an option you may consider – and there are some tips to consider if you choose to go this route.

Establish a Plan

Often, you know when it’s your pet’s time to go. They may be sick, or they may be getting older. Either way, it’s important to establish a plan so you know what you want to do.
How are you going to honor your pet?

Stuffing your pet after death means that you don’t have to say goodbye. You can have your pet at your side, on the couch, or even placed near the mantle.
Once you decide that taxidermy is the right move, consider a few things:

  • How will your pet be preserved?
  • Will your vet be involved in the process?
  • How will your pet be posed?
  • What taxidermist will you use?

Understand the Peace of Preservation

Saying goodbye to a pet that you have raised and loved for 10, 15, or even 20 years is extremely difficult. Burial or cremation are not your only options. Taxidermy has gained popularity in recent years because it makes it easier to have a memorial of your pet. A dog, cat, bird, or other animal can be stuffed and placed on display in your home or office.

Having your pet visible to you can offer a significant amount of peace and make the grieving process easier to bear.

Focus on Preservation Immediately

Preservation is of the utmost importance as you don’t want to risk decomposition sets in. By freezing your pet immediately, it allows you to have the most options available to you.
Your vet can help you with this or you can let us provide you with the necessary steps.

Once your pet is in our capable hands, you can relax. There is no longer a rush as we can store your pet for as long as necessary. It gives you time to consider your options so that you can pay your pet the highest level of respect.

Find a Good Photo of Your Pet

Choosing a photo of your pet to include when you send it in to be stuffed is critical. This allows us to know more about your pet when it was healthy. Pets tend to lose a significant amount of weight when they are sick – and we can add stuffing to ensure that they have a healthier appearance.

It can be advantageous to include photos of your pet from different angles. This will allow us to get the posing just right. Additionally, if any coloring needs to be done to the fur, feathers, or scales, we will be able to take care of that.

Determine a Pose

Posing your pet is critical as this is going to be the pose that it will be in for eternity. Consider a pose that was unique to your pet.

  • Standing
  • Sitting
  • Lying down
  • A paw raised in the air
  • Wings spread

Whatever pet you have, a pose can be achieved. Even if your pet died under undesirable circumstances, we have the ability to help achieve the pose. This is done through skull/skeletal articulation, wire, and more.

Choose a Taxidermist Who Can Honor Your Wishes

It’s important to know what you want when your pet dies. Not everyone chooses to go with a traditional pose. There have been stories where people have wanted to turn their cats into drones, their dogs into hellhounds, and much more.

Ask questions of a taxidermist to ensure that your requests can be honored. Further, ensure that they have the skill to provide you with the best version of your pet once it is returned to you. Contact us!


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