Dog Taxidermy & Preservation Services

We understand that you probably have never had to consider the words “taxidermy dog” together. You may not understand the pet taxidermy business and much less freeze-dried pets. Because of pet taxidermy shows on TV, and general acceptance of dog taxidermy and taxidermy for pets in general, there has been renewed interested in people wanting to taxidermy a dog.

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In addition, Animal Family uses techniques and experience that allow us to preserve any size pet, including very large dogs, with the same quality results. Other pet taxidermists generally refuse larger dogs.

We have been freeze-drying pets since 1993, and dog taxidermy is unlike any wild animal taxidermy. We do both and have won multiple awards with both pet taxidermy and wild animals. Check out our pet taxidermy photos to see why a World Taxidermy competition judge called our freeze dry pets “the best”.