Pet & Animal Cremation Services

Every pet cremation is private and the customer will receive a certificate at no additional charge



1 – 6 pounds $145
6 – 35 pounds $185
35 – 75 pounds $235
75 – 125 pounds $285
Over 125 pounds $385


Customer will receive their pet remains in a wooden urn and you have the option of a customized nameplate at no additional charge

Your Choice of Two Urn Styles

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pets are part of the family. They wrap themselves around our hearts until they’re indistinguishable from our children. Pets get doctors’ care, the best foods available, fresh air, sunshine, and plenty of exercise. Our pets have toys just like our children do. They no more appreciate baths than our children do. They cuddle with us when we sleep, and miss us when we’re at work.

When our pets die, we can bear it no better than when a family member dies. Putting them away in the dark is impossible. The heartbreak is just as bad as when we lose a family member. We hide away to cry, and it seems the tears will never stop. The loneliness is awful, and our fingers remember that fur. The wet nose nudging us in our sleep and the paw on our legs are phantoms in the night. How will we live without our pets?

Luckily, there are those who understand our heartbreak. These dedicated professionals preserve our pets in taxidermy or allow us to keep our beloved pets’ ashes after cremation. They understand the desire to keep our sweet pets near us at all times. However, there are questions owners seeking these services might have, so we listed a few for you in order to make your decision a little more informed.

? How Much Does It Cost To Cremate A Pet?

The price of pet cremation depends on such factors as your pet’s size, the type of cremation you choose, and your city. Generally, these cremations run around $150 with added charges for pets of larger sizes.

Specifically, for pets weighing between one and six pounds, the charge is $145 for private cremation. That’s when the pet is cremated alone instead of in a group which is called communal cremation. At our facility, these cremations are private.

For animals from six to 35 pounds, the cost is $185. For dogs from 35 to 75 pounds, it will cost $235 for cremation. The charge for dogs from 75 to 125 pounds will be $285, and cremation for dogs over 125 pounds will be $385.

You will have a choice between a cherry wood urn and a natural wood urn for your pet’s ashes with a customized name plate. Some crematories will press your pet’s paw in foam as a remembrance and/or frame your favorite picture of your pet to rest beside their ashes. Not all crematories offer this service, but it doesn’t hurt to ask.

? How Does Pet Cremation Work?

Your pet will be placed in a small chamber where the heat will reduce its body to ash. The bones will be further reduced to ash. The ashes will be carefully placed in a small plastic bag until further directions for disposal are received.

At this point, you can choose the urn in which your pet will rest. It takes a few days, but you should have your pet’s ashes returned to you by at least ten days to two weeks.

? Is It Better To Cremate Or Bury A Pet?

Although burying beloved people and pets is the norm, some owners choose cremation over burial. It’s hard to leave the pet you buried on your property when you move house. Carrying its ashes with you on a move gives owners a sense that their beloved friend is still with them. However, it comes down to personal preference.

? How Long Does It Take To Cremate A Pet?

The time it takes to cremate a pet depends on how many the crematory has waiting as well as the size of your pet. Small pets like cats, rabbits, and hamsters as well as small dogs take around 30 to 45 minutes. Larger breeds of dogs can take many hours.

? Is It Weird To Keep A Pet’s Ashes?

Is love weird? Is taking the utmost care of someone or something we love in order to keep them longer weird? We’ve all read about people who kept family member’s ashes on the mantle. When people move house, the urn goes along, too. At the risk of repeating ourselves, is love weird?

The only possible answer to that question is what price love is, because that’s what it’s all about. Do you love pets unconditionally, and is that love returned? If that’s weird, then we say more power to you both.