March 22, 2022 Kathryn Capalbo

"At the loss of my beloved Papillons Napoleon and Sophie. I knew there was only one choice for me. Choosing Animal Family Pet Preservation was a choice I researched in-depth. This was the best choice hands down. They are professional and empathetic at the time of your loss. They keep you up to date and any time you reach out they answer right away. If you choose them to care for you beloved fur baby you will be completely satisfied."
March 4, 2022 Jesse Sovoda

"We were very pleased with how Intan turned out. I belong to fb groups with totally botched animals so we were terrified. We're very grateful to have such an incredibly well done preservation of our dearest Intan's corpse. Thank you Animal Family Pet Preservation!!!! Everyone on our social media accounts were very impressed and were asking all kinds of questions hoping to preserve their pet's corpses when the time comes. Kudos!!!"
February 22, 2022 james jenkins

"If you have that special pet that you want to spend your life with, look at this place!! Great people doing great work. I walked in and thought they had 4 dogs laying around. They were all family pets done with awesome Taxidermy!! I am adding a pick of a Bull mastiff laying on the floor, so real looking!!!"
January 1, 2022 Kristy Boyd

"Losing a loved one is the hardest thing in this life…feeling like there is a hole in your heart…not knowing how to best keep part of them with you and honor their memory. Even though we had Sophie in our family for almost 19 & 1/2 years, when you love a little buddy, it’s never long enough. And that is what Animal Family Pet Preservation has helped us do. They are kind and caring. They understand what we go through as pet parents because they have been through it themselves. I searched for this pet preservation option because I felt like tradional burial and cremation left me feeling like I was still losing her forever. And this way I could keep as much of her with us as possible. We did the VIP option as well because I just needed her home before Christmas. She looks beautiful…like she is peacefully napping on a beddy. And it gives me great comfort. I am so glad that we chose Animal Family Pet Preservation to help memorialize Sophie. I would definitely choose them again. We drove to them each time - 6.5 hour drive - really glad we did that as well so we had no worries about keeping her in pristine condition. They are very deserving of the awards they’ve won for preservation. Sincerely & with gratitude, Kristy Boyd"
October 24, 2021 Darrell Stapleton

"These are wonderful caring people that done a wonderful and incredible job preserving my dog to be with me for the rest of my life. I highly recommend them if you don't want to say goodbye forever your pet that you love dearly."