February 25, 2019

"You nailed it. Can't tell how good she looks. You guys are so talented. I am very happy. Thanks for everything. I hope you stay in business for a long time. I hate to say i'll be back with more - Hopefully not soon. Take care, you're the best!"
December 14, 2018

I absolutely Love Love Love Ginger

"I absolutely Love Love Love Ginger. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing such a good job preserving Ginger. My little Angel looks Beautiful. I am so Happy. Also, thank you for having her ready to come home in time for Christmas. You did an amazing job capturing her personality. Just perfect and home safe. God Bless. Thank you again"
September 1, 2018

"Thank you so much for preserving my precious pet...I have hugged her, kissed her, and have already decided when I lose my dog you will receive her too."
September 1, 2018

"You work is absolutely stunning...your work is brilliant. My dog looks and feels so real, I was overcome when I saw her in your studio."
August 21, 2018

"Hi Mark I picked up my pet yesterday I just can't believe what a great job you guys did you are truly amazing artists I am so grateful she is so much better than I ever dreamed she would be!"