Small and Large Mammal Taxidermy Service

Our preservation process involved freeze-drying – a method of preservation that uses the process called lyophilization. During this process, extremely low temperatures in a vacuum are applied for a long period of time, which allows to remove the moisture from the animal’s body.

Usually, the preservation process takes up to a year for larger animals, and up to 3-6 months – for smaller animals and small mammals. However, we have an individual approach to every customer because we understand that not every customer has the same needs and expectations. For this reason, we also have VIP service available. This service gives you a pass to the front of the line, and instead of waiting 6-7 months, your waiting time will be only up to 8 weeks.

Out advanced methods, the technology we use, the approach to pet taxidermy, and the high level of customer support all lead to a superior product and high-quality experience.  Out techniques are advanced and distinct from all other methods that are used in pet preservation.

Unlike many other taxidermy companies, we do not charge our customers extra for head raised and eyes open.

We also offer a lifetime guarantee on your pet preservation. You should never have any leaks or bugs. It is important to mention because no other taxidermy company in the country offers this guarantee. Moreover, even if damage your pet by accident, we will repair it for free. All you will have to do is to pay for shipping.

We can proudly offer you our expert taxidermy services for small mammals and larger mammals, ensuring that your pet can receive the honor and respect that it deserves. We have a varied price structure in line with the size of your pet, and more information can be found on our pricing page for your convenience.

You can contact us with any questions – we are ready to answer them and provide you with the detailed information you need. Our mission is not just to preserve your pet, but also to help you cope with your loss. For this reason, we will never push you with your decision. We want to make the process for our customers as simple as possible. Since we do not want to take advantage of you during your difficult time of grief, we encourage you to give us a call either before your pet passes or a week after they are gone, so you can make the best decision based on facts, rather than emotions.

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