Pricing and Shipping

golden dogWhenever people call me desiring information about preserving their pet, price will come up early in the conversation.

This is understandable, but only a very small part of what you need to consider before making your decision. Price alone should never be the sole consideration.

Our price structure is very simple. For dogs and cats, we charge $1150 for any pet up to 6 pounds, anything over 6 pounds you will pay $35 per pound. For example, if your pet weighed 10 pounds, your cost would be $1150, plus 4 pounds over-weight, at $35 per pound, ($140) for a total price of $1,290. We have a state inspected and NTEP Certified scale to weigh your pet on arrival.

We DO NOT CHARGE more for eyes open, head raised. Return shipping (if applicable) is an extra charge. A pet with open mouth is $250 extra, and any pet sitting up add 50%, walking add 100%. Other pets, such as guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and reptiles, are priced on request. Prices are subject to change without notice. Fee for credit card use 4%. No pet will be accepted without a 50% deposit. If no deposit is received after 30 days, your pet will lose its spot in queue and a 100% deposit is required to start work, or the pet will be returned at owners expense plus storage fees. All remaining balances, including return shipping if applicable, must be paid before the finished pet will be shipped/released.

Custom eye charge: It has been our experience that 95% of cat and dog eyes will match one of our standard colors. If you desire custom painted eyes, call us.

We do not wish to take advantage of people during their time of grief, that is why I always encourage you to call us either before, or a week after your pet passes, so that you can make a balanced decision based on facts, not on emotion.

A final word – there are not many PROFESSIONAL pet preservationists in the nation. There are many that are trying to break into it because they can make more money than they do on wild animals. Here is a good test: First….trust your gut. If you don’t like them on the phone, move on. Second….They should have a professional website with many quality pet photos. If they aren’t willing to put out some money and effort for a website, how can you trust them with your treasured pet? Third…. Why would anyone who is established and trustworthy NOT want to clearly post their pet preservation prices on their website?

Call me at (740) 703-3937. I understand and am here to help.

Mark Maier

Mark Maier, Owner

How do I get my pet to you?

At Animal Family Advanced Pet Preservation, We have found that for our pet customers, shipping is often the most difficult part of the process. We have tried to make it easier for you by recommending the following options:

Drive your pet to our studio.
We are located just south of Columbus, Ohio. That is an 8 hour drive (or less) from over 50% of the American population. Our customers have driven here from every state that borders Ohio. Also, New York, Missouri, Illinois, North Carolina, Tennessee, even Florida! We have a professional, commercial building with regular hours and easy interstate access off I-35 and US 23, there are also hotels and restaurants within 5 miles to meet any need and budget.
Let us send you a “pet box”.
It will contain instructions for you and return shipping labels. All you have to do is drop your pet into the prepared packaging and return. Cost for this service is $100, plus the cost of shipping both ways.
Ship it yourself.
CALL US first so that we can advise you on how to do this. It’s really very simple. The most difficult part is saying goodbye to your pet.