Pet Preservation in Cleveland, Ohio

When you have lived with a pet for years, they hold a special place in your heart. When you lose them, it’s a bit like having your heart ripped out thinking you’ll never see them again. However, with the option of Pet Preservation in Cleveland, Ohio, you can have them with you forever.

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Cleveland BridgePet Freeze-Drying in Cleveland, Ohio

In Cleveland and surrounding areas, Animal Family Pet Preservation takes your sorrow seriously and provides you with a means to remember them in a thoughtful and tasteful way. Since 1993, we have been freeze-drying pets. We take a compassionate approach to your loss. We recommend that you call us before you lose your pet so that you can make a decision that is right for you. In the throes of grief, any decision can be difficult and emotion-driven, we want you to make a decision that is right for you.

By preserving your pet through freeze-dry taxidermy, you’ll have a visual reminder of them. This way you can have the comfort and closure that you need. You can celebrate the life they had with you. Freeze-drying preservation removes all moisture from body tissues leaving them virtually intact. We help you discover a pose that represents what they were to you during their life. Freeze-dry preservation can provide a realistic memorial for your pet.

Freeze-drying uses a process called lyophilization. This process gently freezes the specimen and extracts the water in the form of vapor. The difference between Traditional taxidermy and freeze-drying is quite different. Traditional taxidermy involves skinning the animal and stretching its hide over a three-dimensional mold and then reshaping it. The freeze-drying technique, although the internal organs are delicately extracted, the Musculoskeletal system of the body: the bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, and nerves are left intact. This leaves our beloved pets looking much as they did in life,

It starts by you wrapping your pet in a towel upon death and then tucking them into a plastic bag and then a freezer. This stops the decay process. Once your pet arrives it can take anywhere from a month to well over a year for your pet to finish the process. The mouse typically takes 30-45 days. A 5-7 lb dog or cat takes a minimum of 6 months. Larger animals weighing 50 lbs or more can take up to a year or longer.

Dog Freeze-Drying

Animal Family accepts all dogs, big and small. However, the larger the dog, the longer the time.

Cat Freeze-Drying

Cats can be posed in any manner and all cats are accepted.

Bird Freeze-Drying

Many birds are freeze-dried for teaching collections. Until recently, this was difficult because it was hard to remove enough moisture however, Animal Family Pet Preservation takes the time and dedication to make it work.

Reptile Freeze-Drying

Virtually any creature can be freeze-dried even the smallest or most fragile specimens can be preserved.

Pet Taxidermy in Cleveland, Ohio

Taxidermy produces a three-dimensional replica of an animal by the process of freeze-drying.

How Much Does it Cost for Pet Preservation in Cleveland?

Pet Preservation varies according to species and weight.

How Much Does it Cost for Dog Taxidermy in Cleveland?

Dogs 6 pounds and under are $1150, anything over 6 pounds you will pay $35 per pound.

How Much Does it Cost for Cat Taxidermy in Cleveland?

Cats 6 pounds and under are $1150, anything over 6 pounds you will pay $35 per pound.

How Much Does it Cost for Other Pet Taxidermy in Cleveland?

Iguanas are $850, bearded dragons are $450, chameleons are $350. Snakes please call for price, we will need the weight. Small pets prices are as follows, hamsters $350, hedgehogs $650, rats, ferrets, Guinea pigs, and chinchillas $500. Rabbits call for price, we will need the weight.

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There are less than 10 companies that freeze-dry your pet.
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