Dog Cremation Services

Saying farewell to a special member of your family can be overwhelming and life changing. The loneliness, sadness, and memories are a clear indication of the love you shared with your pet. While it is customary to bury cherished family members and pets, some owners choose cremation. When you move, it’s painful to leave your pet buried on the old property. Carrying its ashes during a move provides owners with the comfort of knowing their cherished companion is still with them. It’s a matter of personal preference!

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For many, cremation is often the primary option for the ultimate disposal of pets due to its affordable price and accessibility. If your dog died while in the care of a veterinarian, you may prefer that the veterinarian manage the cremation arrangements. If your dog passed away at home or if you want to handle the arrangements yourself, our dog cremation service will be the best option. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, our crematory specialists will work with you to make the process as simple as possible, ensuring that you completely understand what will happen to your pet and do all necessary to ensure that your wishes are respected.

What to Expect

When you contact us, you’ll be met with very welcoming staff that understands your grief and are ready to assist you in a sympathetic manner. Regardless of your situation, we will never push you off. We encourage you to reach out even before your dog passes away so that you have the peace of mind to make the decision, rather than making it during your grief period

The Cremation Process

At our facility, we ensure that all pets are treated with dignity. This is why we offer only private cremation services as an add-on to our dog taxidermy services. With private cremation, your pet gets the utmost attention. First, we clean the cremation unit before laying your beloved dog on it. This ensures that you go with only your pet’s ashes.

The crematory procedure begins with your pet being carefully placed in a cremation unit that reaches temperatures of up to 1400-1800 degrees. These high temperatures are required to completely evaporate the body, reducing it to dust and dry bones. Following the cremation, we utilize a magnet to extract any metal items from the ashes. The time required for cremation is dependent on the size of the animal. The cremation process might take anywhere between 30 minutes and two hours or more.

Following the cremation, we pulverize the ashes to ensure consistency. We transfer the pet’s ashes into a plastic bag and seal it. The bag is then placed into a tin or cardboard box, ready to deliver to the owner. Once you have obtained the ashes of your beloved pet, you may opt to:

  • Scatter them in a special place
  • Bury them at a pet cemetery
  • Store them in a unique urn until you pass away: You can even leave instructions on what to happen to the bashes after you’re gone
  • Place them in a memorial garden in or outside your home.

If you prefer not to take the ashes, your vet can help you dispose of them in a special memorial for pets, and you’ll be provided with a cremation certificate with your pet’s name.