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How Does Pet Cremation Work?

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Has your veterinary doctor has just given your beloved family pet a terminal diagnosis?
Has your pet passed away due to health reasons?
Has your pet passed on due to unavoidable circumstances?

No matter the circumstances of your pet’s recent death, this is most likely one of the most challenging times in your life to see your pet die. Your family pets are with you for years, sometimes since birth. You become as attached to them as they do to you. If you are indeed a lover of animals, you may feel that it is harder to say good-bye to a beloved pet than to express your good-byes to a human. Having witnessed a pet’s death is heart-wrenching and difficult to get over. A pet’s death, expected or unexpected, is one of those times that pet lovers never forget.

Many pet owners opt for cremation. Cremation offers the chance to keep your pet’s ashes in the home, or scatter them at a meaningful location. Cremation provides the opportunity not to have to close any doors to having to say a final good-bye as would be in the case of burial.

The Cremation Process

You may have heard about cremating pets, but do you understand how cremation works? For specific questions, you should ask your veterinarian for the number and name of the pet taxidermy and cremation services they use. You may then set your mind at ease by learning how this company works, and their reputation as a trusted and loving community member. It isn’t easy to understand, but some crematories are not quality companies, so you should always check with your vet on the one they use.

If you have decided on cremation, know that you can typically choose a standard crematory, or a crematory explicitly designed for pet cremations. Understand that crematories handle all beloved pets with dignity and grace because, more than likely, those who are attending are owners also, and they feel your hurt. In some cases, your vet may ask you if you want a private cremation or regular cremation.

  • Choosing a standard cremation means that the crematory may cremate your pet with another animal.
  • A private cremation means that your pet is the only animal in the cremation chamber. You may witness the cremation. Your pet is kept in a cooler until cremation time comes.

The crematory process starts with gently placing your pet in a cremation unit where temperatures reach 1400-1800 degrees. These high temperatures are needed to vaporize the body to dust and dry bones. Once the cremation is complete, we use a magnet to remove all metal objects found in the ashes. The cremation time depends on how large the animal. This process can take, from 45 minutes upward to around two hours or more.

After the cremation, we pulverize the ashes to make them of uniform consistency. We seal the pet’s ashes in a plastic bag and place the bag in a tin or cardboard box. Once you have your beloved pet’s ashes, you may choose to:

  • Scatter the somewhere special to you and your pet.
  • Keep them until you pass away. You may even instruct your family to lay their ashes in your casket.
  • You may want to create a special memorial inside or outside your home, and put their ashes there.
  • You may not want the ashes, and in case it is customary for the vet to dispose of the ashes by scattering the remains in a designated memorial area. If this is your decision, you will likely receive a cremation certificate with your pet’s name and date of cremation.

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What are the Different Types of Pet Cremation?

There are different cremation types, and you must understand each type and decide which one you want. You must speak with your vet.


We completely clean the cremation unit before we lay your pet out of the units alone. Rest assured, the only ashes you receive are those of your pet only.
Here at Animal Family Pet Preservation, this is the only form of cremation that we offer so that we can be sure to provide the utmost respect to you and your pet.


According to your wishes for a communal, we cremate several animals together, and the ashes blend. This decision is a less costly choice if you are not asking for your pet’s ashes back.


We place partitions between several pets cremated at the same time. We allow as much space between animals as we can, so your pet’s ashes remain separated. However, there are no guarantees that you do not receive some ashes from another animal.

What Can I Expect Afterwards?

After we complete cremation, you have a few decisions to make. You can expect to pick your pet’s ashes up from your vet office in two to five days. From here, you will need to decide what to do with the ashes, such as the following:

  • Creating a piece of glass art from the ashes
  • Scatter the remains in a particular place.
  • Bury the ashes in a memorial garden or flower bed.
  • Store the ashes in a columbarium at a pet cemetery.
  • Purchase a unique urn or container and store them in your home.

It would be best if you leave instructions to your family on what to do with your pet’s ashes in the event of your death, such as, do you want the ashes in your casket with you. It is essential to leave your family instructions on what to do with pet ashes.

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