award winning cat taxidermy

What can I expect to pay to have my pet preserved?

Pets 6 pounds and under are $1,495. See the pricing and shipping tab for information on our VIP pet pricing.

How long does it take till my pet is returned to me?

6 months for most pet preservations. VIP service is available and reduces the return time significantly.

How do I get my pet to you?

We are an 8-hour drive or less, from over 50% of the US population. You can also ship your pet, we have customers across America. See the Shipping tab for more information.

See How To Ship Your Pet to Us

How long will my pet last?

Longer than you will. We offer a no-cost, LIFETIME GUARANTEE on your preserved pet. No leaks, no bugs…EVER. No other pet preservationist in the country offers this guarantee. And if you ever damage your pet accidentally, we will repair it for free, you just pay for shipping.

I see you offer pet cremation…Why?

With every pet preservation, we will have some…leftovers. We have several options for returning these to you, please see the “Pet Cremation” page. Not every pet will have remains that can be cremated.

Will my pet look realistic?

Our first pet entered in competition (the Himalayan cat above) was in 2011. The judge, who has done many World Taxidermy Championships, said it was the best freeze-dry she had ever seen, and it was a privilege to judge it. We have a preserved Beagle in our showroom, EVERYONE who sees it thinks it’s real.

Do you do other pets besides dogs and cats?

Yes, we have freeze-dried anything from mice to iguanas, parakeets to parrots, rabbits to Guinea pigs. Even a few tarantulas!

I just lost my pet…what do I do?

Place your pet in a plastic bag, and place him/her in a freezer. This is very important and you now have plenty of time to decide what you want to do. Your pet will keep in the freezer for many weeks, even months with no harm. Then contact us!

How will you pose or position my pet?

You will supply us with photos of your pet and we will go over them together and pick the best pose. This must be done within 10 days of receiving your pet. Animal Family Pet Preservation will then contact you just before we start to confirm the pose and inform you we are beginning the process. Once a pose is decided upon it cannot be changed.