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5 Things Your Deceased Pet Wants You to Know

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We are in business to prepare your beloved pet for their passage to the afterlife once they have passed away. We have beloved pets in our household, and we can assure you that it gets no more comfortable to go through the death process. We grieve the same as you suffer, and we grieve for you when you lose a pet.

Never Underestimate Your Pet’s Emotions

If you have been a loving and caring pet owner for a long time, you already know that dogs and cats, and other creatures are smart. Your pet understands a lot more than we give them credit. We believe they feel emotions even though they do not have the depth of understanding humans possess. Our pets understand when we are happy, anxious, sad, grieving, joyous, and much more.

Have you ever gone through a grief process only to see your cat or dog shed real tears for your situation?

Pets frequently do this because they feel what we are feeling. Dogs, and especially cats, are hypersensitive to their surroundings, and your pets indeed feel what you feel.

Pets are as smart or smarter than humans when it comes to the end of their life. Pets know that the only way to proceed towards death is to stop being active, stop eating, and refuse to drink. Pets know and want us to accept this fact as hard as it may be for us to do so.

Dogs and cats understand your sadness and would rather see you smiling or laughing. Many times, animals will lower their head for a gentle kiss or headbutt letting you know that they are there for you. Remember the days of joy and happiness and what you shared with them. Your pet knows that you shared many emotions with them through the years, and it is their wish to say good-bye and thank you for the years of loving care you gave them. They know that you did the best you could for them and now it is time for them to leave.

Pets sense emotions in your voice tone and the way you stroke their body. Like human beings, pets do not need a bunch of material possessions as a way of saying, I love you. Care and attention are what you gave them to seal that special bond.

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What Your Pet Wants You to Know

Although your pet has recently passed, there are a few things that they want you to know now that they are at peace:

1. They Chose to Spend their Life with You: Out of all of the many people in the world that they could have lived with and depended on, they spent their time with you, and loved every second of it. They would not have changed a single thing, and would do everything the same way if given the option of starting over.
2. There Is Nothing You Could Have Done: As hard as it is to think about, and as much as you don’t want to hear it, there wasn’t some choice that could have been made differently that would result in them still being here today. This was their time to pass, and they are able to see and understand this. At this point, it is important to them that you accept that it happened, and begin to remember them as they were.
3. They Love You, and Know That You Love Them: Your pet loved you more than they loved themselves, and they know that you loved them more than anything. They felt that love every day, felt loved and safe as they passed, and are preserved now in your love for them.
4. They are Still with You Now: They are here with you now, and continue to exist in your heart and in your memories. They will always remain with you, and be available for you when you need them.
5. They are Sorry for the Pain and Sadness You are Feeling: It can be an extremely scary and emotionally devastating process to be present for their death, and be mourning them, and they don’t want you to continue to hurt. They are extremely grateful that you cared for them over their life and through those final moments, and they want to thank you for everything that you did for them.
Tucking those memories of your pet into the deepest recesses of your mind and heart is perhaps one of the most valuable things you can do for them. Memories help to keep your pet alive forever. Pets do not want any regrets any more than we do when we pass away. Of course, your wish for every pet you own is that they live a long, bountiful life, full of happiness and joy until the day comes when they must say their final good-bye. Never let there be regrets, no matter if your pet was taken unexpectedly or lived to a ripe old age and passes on naturally.

Get Help Planning for Your Pet’s Passing

Give us a call today and visit our website. We are here to provide compassionate taxidermy and pet cremation services to you and your pet. Let us know how we can help you navigate this end-of-life process.

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