February 6, 2017 Stacey Shimer


"I love seeing all the awesome animals you picture on Facebook. My family as of now have adopted 4 pit/bull dog mixes and 2 cats from the shelter. Love everyone of them. They bring us so much laughter and joy. I would recommend to anyone adopt before going to a breeder. All of ours are animals that no one wanted because of age, breed, and health issues. I firmly believe that my babies know they are safe, loved, and would never ever be abandoned again. In return the love we get from them is immeasurable. "
September 19, 2016 kim b Vernon N.Y.

Chihuahua Snicker

"If this is for you, do not think twice. The quality of Mark's ending results are beyond words. I am very pleased.My chihuahua looks like he never passed. Thank you doing this special work."
September 19, 2016 Ken C

"I asked my wife once we got our cat home from your studio for a few weeks, if she regretted having him preserved. She said "No, he looks absolutely real. Our friends think he is still with us when they see him. It is a gift that I am thankful for every day."
August 29, 2016 Lori Wohletz

Wonderful Tortiose

"I brought my pet Tortiose to Mark and he did a wonderful job! My family is so impressed and happy to have our pet with us. He looks amazing! Mark was so wonderful to deal with! Thank you so much for the wonderful job!"
August 25, 2016 J. Davis

"Thanks for welcoming me at a tough time bringing Bogie to be preserved. I am so looking forward to being reunited with him soon. A few people at the cat shows are interested in seeing him when he returns to me... Thanks for all you do to preserve the memory of our special friends.."