Pet Preservation in Fresno, CA

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Pet preservation is a great alternative to conventional methods of cremation or burial. It is the use of the specialized form of taxidermy to preserve a pet’s body in order to keep it at home. It is not an easy process as it requires specialized skills to naturally pose a pet and the use of the specialized machine.

Pet Freeze Drying in Fresno, CA

Pet freeze drying is a great way to honor the memory of your pet through a tasteful representation of what they were like in life. At Animal Family Pet Preservation our specialization is helping pet owners keep their memories about their beloved pets alive. Here are the pet preservation services we offer:

Dog Freeze Drying

Dogs are known as man’s best friends. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, our team consists of dog lovers, so we understand how attached to your four-legged friend you can be. For this reason, dog freeze drying is more than just a pet preservation process for us. Dog freeze drying is a great method for grieving canine owners to hold on to their beloved pooches. At Animal Family Pet Preservation in Fresno, CA we have been doing dog freeze drying since 1993.

Cat Freeze Drying

Our cat freeze drying process allows us to create the most realistic and natural-looking cat taxidermy. We know that all cats have a lot of personalities, and we take this into consideration. We will talk to you about your life experiences and special moments with your cat and choose the unique pose that will fit your feline’s personality.

Bird Freeze Drying

Birds are great companions and family members for many people. Therefore, when they pass on, it can be difficult for their owners to grieve. Bird preservation is a great way to have a visual reminder of them for the rest of your life. We do preservation of birds of all types and are able to preserve them perfectly to honor their memory.

Reptile Freeze Drying

If your pet was a reptile variety, it can be preserved too. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we specialize in freeze drying of all types of reptiles, including iguanas, chameleons, and others. You can also choose the right pose for the maximum effect.

Pet Taxidermy in Fresno, CA

We know that losing a beloved pet can be traumatic. Therefore, at Animal Family Pet Preservation in Fresno, CA we offer the option of having your pet preserved in a position that would best suit the pet’s personality and you as the owner.

Dog Taxidermy

We will take time to get to know you as a person and learn more about your pet and your relationship. This helps us to come with the perfect representation of your four-legged family member. We will make your canine look real, alive, and vivid, so you will still be able to enjoy their company when they are not around anymore.

Cat Taxidermy

At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we consider cat taxidermy more than just a process of preserving a beloved cat. We see it as the method to fill a need for grieving pet cat owners.

Additional Pet Taxidermy

At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we specialize in taxidermy of other animals, not only cats and dogs. We also preserve birds, reptiles, small mammals (rabbits, rats, hamsters), and large animals, including horses and monkeys.

Pet Cremation Service in Fresno, CA

When it comes to pet cremation, there are many options available. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we perform respectful cremations of your pets, regardless of how small or big they are and regardless of their age. Our cremation services also include handling and transportation. Moreover, there is a great variety of burial markers and urns from the best manufacturers.

Helpful Resources in Fresno, CA

If you are a pet owner from Fresno, CA, or any other nearby area or town, here is also useful information that you need to know about your pet ownership.

Fresno Pet Registration

In Fresno, all pet dog owners must register their dogs that are over 4 months old. The registration assures that your canine has his up-to-date rabies vaccination. If you do not register your dog on time, you will become subject to a fine of $100. A dog license is valid for 12 months.

Fresno Humane Society

Fresno Humane Animal Services is an organization that specializes in pet rescue, pet adoption, community services, etc. We also provide information about dog licensing, low-cost medical care, pet-friendly housing, etc.

Need a Taxidermist in Fresno, CA?

Do you want to honor the memory of your dog, cat, or other pet? Then, pet taxidermy is a great option for you, and a professional taxidermist will be able to help you with that. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we specialize in the preservation of all types of animals, including dogs, cats, reptiles, birds, small mammals, and large animals.

Fresno Taxidermy FAQs

Here are the answers to the most common questions about our company and the services we offer.

How Much Does it Cost for Pet Preservation in Fresno?

Our prices depend on certain factors. For example, the cost of cat or dog taxidermy depends on their size and weight but starts at $500. For reptiles, the starting price is around $500.

How Much Does it Cost for Dog Taxidermy in Fresno?

Pricing for dogs starts at $500. For dogs under 6 pounds, the price is $1,250, with additional weight costing $39 per pound.

How Much Does it Cost for Cat Taxidermy in Fresno?

Pricing for cats is similar to pricing for dogs described above.

How Much Does it Cost for Other Pet Taxidermy in Fresno?

Pricing for reptiles and other animals depends on the type of animal you want to preserve. For example, iguanas start at $500, bearded dragons are $600, and chameleons are $500.