Pet Taxidermy New York  

For most of us, pets are members of our family, and it is very hard when they leave us one day. Therefore, many pet owners want to preserve the image of their beloved little friends in more than just a photo by means of pet taxidermy. If you are looking for a professional taxidermist in New York, Animal Family Pet Preservation is ready to help. We have been specializing in pet taxidermy for almost 30 years, and our services include the preservation and lifelike reconstruction of different household pets. 

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Pet Freeze Drying In New York

Pet freeze-drying is one of the cornerstone taxidermy services we have been providing since 1993. We are able to preserve a pet for many years. We can assist you with the following animals:

Dog Freeze-Drying

We are able to accurately preserve your pooch by having a conversation with you, during which you describe your pet, and by reviewing photos. You can choose a pose that emulates your four-legged friend, and we will use our effective freeze-drying methods to memorialize your canine for many years/

Cat Freeze-Drying

At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we offer cat freeze-drying services as well. If you are attached to your beloved fluffy friend and had been with you for many years, and you want to keep him or her around the house for decades, we are ready to help you. We use high-quality freeze-drying techniques that allow your cat to look very real. 

Bird Freeze-Drying

We also specialize in preserving other types of living creatures, including birds. We can put your bird in a lifelike pose, and we can also arrange the feathers. We will make your bird look elegant, graceful, and beautiful. 

Reptile Freeze-Drying

Reptiles are unique animals, and it is more difficult to preserve them compared to other pets. But we specialize in pet preservation as well. We do reptile freeze-drying and help reptile owners keep their unique pets for many years. 

Pet Taxidermy In New York

If you are searching for taxidermy services in New York, Animal Family Pet Preservation is a taxidermy studio with decades of professional experience that you should contact. We have been open since 1993 by helping pet owners to preserve their favorite animals. With the help of pet taxidermy, you do not have to say goodbye to your pet through cremation or burial ceremony. 

We use the advanced techniques of freeze-drying that involves using cold temperatures and vacuum pressure that remove all the moisture from pet tissues. As a result, an animal looks like it did the day it died. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we do all we can to help pet owners have their pets forever. Our taxidermy services include:

Dog Taxidermy in New York

It is very hard and emotional for most pet owners when their dogs pass away after many years of being around. Therefore, at Animal Family Pet Preservation, we do all we can to treat the memory of your canine with respect. 

Cat Taxidermy in New York

We treat felines with proper respect too. We understand you may have been attached emotionally to your cat. That is why we use our quality taxidermy services to preserve the memories of your cat appropriately. We can guarantee that we will treat the body of your cat with proper respect and compassion. 

Additional Pet Taxidermy in New York

In addition, we specialize in taxidermy of other animals as well. For example, we do bird and reptile taxidermy. If you have any questions about our taxidermy services, please give us a call – we will be glad to provide you with all the information you need. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we do all we can to assist you.