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Seven Natural Poses to Consider for Dog Taxidermy

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Whether your beloved dog has recently passed or is approaching the end of their life, the time will come when you have to begin planning what to do next. You may opt for a more traditional pet burial or cremation, but there’s another option: pet taxidermy. To see if you want to learn more about this method of pet preservation, let’s first take a look at some natural poses to consider for dog taxidermy:

• Sleeping: The sleeping position is one of the most calming and less distressing poses to many people who’ve invested in pet taxidermy. This may be because the eyes are closed and they’re curled up or outstretched to resemble a puppy-like state, or because this pose has the effect of suspending them in a seemingly calm forever sleep.

• Head on paws: Dogs are at their cutest when lying down to rest their head on their front paws, while looking up at you with big innocent eyes. Also, imagine a pose like lying down, paws crossed and head up looking in a certain direction. Choosing one of these head-and-paw poses is a great way to remember all the good times you spent just sitting around at home with your dog.

• Standing: Although the standing pose may require more display space—depending on the size of your dog—it’s best to not rule it out just yet. Standing could effectively represent who your dog was in life, whether he or she was a show dog, an athlete or a herder. Leaving your dog standing may also just be more comfortable for you to look at.

• Sitting: Preserving your dog in a sitting position leaves them looking natural, like they are waiting for a treat or to go on a walk. First, there’s sitting down on their bottom with back feet forward and their tail either curled around or pointed behind them. Another option has the dog sitting down on the side of their hip with their back legs swinging out slightly to one side.

• Curled up: Either napping or awake, one of your dog’s favorite positions to rest in was likely curled up on the couch or on the floor near your feet. When it comes to dog taxidermy, preserving your pet curled up like this is a way to remember your dog’s love for resting in a beam of sunlight on a lazy afternoon.

• Playing: Another way you may want to pose your dog is in a playing position, such as batting a toy, or butt up, front down and getting ready to break into a pounce. Dogs that always had fun engaging in physical activity can keep you smiling even after death when preserved in this way.

• Daydreaming: If you choose to go with a head on paws, sitting, standing or curled up pose, you can also incorporate a pensive or daydreaming facial expression with the head angled to one side. Now this look of curiosity and wonder can be with your dog forever.

Do you have questions about dog taxidermy, or are you interested in learning more about the process? If so, contact the compassionate team at Animal Family Pet Preservation today.

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