Animal Family Pet Preservation is within an 8 hour drive of you. (probably), dog cat taxidermy

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Yesterday we had two customers drive their pet for taxidermy to Animal Family Pet Preservation. One group of young people left from New York City to seek cat taxidermy, the other young man left from Michigan seeking taxidermy for his pet dog. Interestingly, they both arrived at our commercial business location with 10 minutes of each other. We like to give our pet preservation customers plenty of time and attention, so we were a bit worried that both these folks arrived together. But we soon found that it was a blessing in disguise, as these four people were able to relate to each other and share their experiences of grief in losing their pet dog or cat, but they also rejoiced together in that they found a place to take their pets for taxidermy that treated them with respect, answered their questions, were easy to reach and that they both felt totally at peace with their decision to leave their pets in our care. We were thrilled as we listened to them get to know one another and exchange Facebook accounts, etc. We will see them all again in a few short months when they return to pick up their dear preserved pets and take them home. We are so grateful to ALL our customers for their trust and allowing us to preserve their pet dog and cat. Pet Customers from New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, West Virginia, Georgia, Arkansas, California, Kentucky, Mississippi, Maryland, Illinois and Indiana and Ohio have all driven or shipped pets to us so far in 2017. We are within an 8 hour drive of over 1/2 the US population!


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