Pet Preservation, Dog and Cat Taxidermy, Freeze Dry a Pet, what does it all mean?

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At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we understand fully the challenge the person looking for pet taxidermy and pet preservation faces. You likely have never had an animal mounted, let alone a pet for taxidermy. Then, you quickly learn that no local taxidermists will even touch your pet, let alone help you with pet taxidermy. So, you do a Google or similar search and realize that there are only a handful of people in the country that do pets, and their websites look like amateurs. Then you come to the Animal Family Pet Preservation website. It’s sharp, there is lots of clear information, the photos are great quality and there are plenty. So you call us and talk with one of our compassionate pet preservationist on staff. You will feel better right away, as we explain clearly our proprietary process, and take all the time you need to satisfy your questions. Whether pet preservation and pet taxidermy is for you or not, you will have our ear and we are here to help you through the process of losing your pet.


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