What does it cost to ship my pet to Animal Family Pet Preservation?

February 2, 2019 9:12 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Its a complex question, but one we hear a lot regarding pet taxidermy and pet freeze dry here at our Ohio studio. First I will say we prefer you use UPS as your shipper. Fedex is ok too, but do not use USPS for shipping your pet to us. ALWAYS contact us before shipping your dog, cat, bird, parrot, snake, reptile, lizard for pet preservation taxidermy. The costs to ship your frozen dog or cat for pet taxidermy mount will vary based on the time of year and speed. So its always best to contact us at Animal Family Pet Preservation taxidermy so that we can find the most efficient method of shipping your pet for taxidermy preservation freeze-dry. There is a helpful video on our website www.animalfamilypet.com that will show you how easy it is to ship your pet to us.

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