Is it Wrong or Weird to Taxidermy Your Pet?

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Many people are devastated after losing a pet. Just like a much-loved family member, our pets are a major part of our lives, and so many of us are closer with our pets than many family or friends. Dogs and cats especially are wonderful companions, they miss you when you are gone and welcome you back home with a wagging tail and nothing but pure love.

Unlike friends that can come and go, a pet loves you unconditionally. They cheer you up after a hard day, and celebrate with you on the good days.

Many people may not consider preserving their pet after death, but this practice has been going on since ancient times. Many pharaohs and royals of historic time periods are often found buried with or adjacent to their mummified pets.

As recently as during the Victorian era, preserving pets made a comeback as pets became increasingly revered. Many people would schedule photos for their furry friends and would later taxidermy them to keep them forever. This was primarily done by those that were affluent as it is an expensive undertaking.

So, for those considering preserving their pets, the practice is not weird or in bad taste. It is ultimately up to the owner and how they perceive the process and whether they want to keep their pets with them.

Different Options for Preserving Your Beloved Pet

Those that decide that preserving their pet is the right choice for them have several options. The two most popular options that people most often choose are freeze-drying and taxidermy.

There are benefits to each of these options


Your pet can be freeze-dried using cold temperatures and a type of vacuum pressure to remove all the moisture from the animal’s body. With freeze-drying, your pets’ muscles and tissues stay intact. So unlike taxidermy, your pet has its original form. It is a lengthy process. It can take many months to get your dog or cat back after the freeze-drying process.

For example, a mouse can take over a month to complete the process.


Many choose to taxidermy to preserve their beloved pet. Here the process is a bit different. When you choose taxidermy, the pets’ internal organs are removed. The animal’s hair is added to a form that best fits the size and proportions of your pet.

Both options work well. It depends on which option is more beneficial to the owner.



While it is not as popular as the other options, like freeze-drying and taxidermy, many are now opting to use cryonics to preserve their pets. Cryonics was created with the intention of extending the lifespan for humans. The hope is that they can be re-animated once a cure for their disease has been developed. To date, this option has been less popular than other methods.

The Process You Need to Follow After Death is the Same for All Procedures

No matter which preservation technique you choose, the most important thing an owner can do is to keep their pet frozen as soon as possible after death. Typically, the owner should fold the legs towards the body of the pet with the head facing down. The taxidermy expert will usually ask the pet to be overnighted after being kept in a frozen state since its’ death.

Additionally, photos will help the expert determine how to best pose your beloved pet so that it looks as natural as it did in life. If the pet has had some of its hair shaved for IVs or surgery, the expert can pose your pet to hide those scars.

A Lifetime of Everlasting Love

Your pet can be with you forever with the right knowledge and preparation on how to best preserve your pet after death.

Here at Animal Family Pet Preservation, we are experts at preserving your pet and their identity, making it look as if it were still alive and part of your family. If this is a path that you are considering, contact us to speak with a member of our staff, and learn more about how we can help you process your grief.

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