How to Repair Old Reptile Taxidermy?

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When pet owners spend time in their homes and offices, they like to be reminded of their loved ones. These are not mere decorations, either. They are keepsakes that remind us of the good times that we shared with the ones we love. This is definitely true for those who have been forced to lay a beloved pet to rest. Thanks to reptile taxidermy, it has never been easier to preserve the memories.

What happens when it comes time to repair old reptile taxidermy, though? In these instances, the process can be difficult. That’s why the assistance of a compassionate professional is necessary. They will answer any and all questions that the client may have in a timely manner. During times like these, their help becomes more and more vital. Let’s take a closer look at some helpful tips and pointers that will help pet owners to avoid these problems in the first place.

Creating a Proper Display

The manner in which the old reptile taxidermy is displayed will make a major difference. The area where the mount is stored should not come into contact with an excessive amount of heat or humidity. The temperature changes should be minimal in these instances. The more direct sunlight that the mount receives, the worse off it will be. This causes long-term damage that is difficult to reverse, even for the most experienced professionals. Be sure to check the taxidermy for insect damage as well. This is a common problem that is not always addressed in a timely manner, causing damage that is easily avoidable.

Regular Maintenance

Of course, regular maintenance is also another great way to avoid the long-term damage that necessitates the intervention of the professionals. While the professionals should examine the taxidermy on a regular basis to make sure that there are no cracks or breaks, there are certain steps that can be taken at home. Don’t allow dust and dirt to build up, as this will keep the mount fresh and free of unpleasant odors.

How Does The Repair Process Work?

Once the owner of the taxidermy in question decides that they are in need of repair or maintenance-related assistance, they are bound to have questions. It’s only right. No one wants to see anything happen to a beloved pet. The same goes for someone who has recently had to lay a pet to rest. When there are lots of questions running through the pet owner’s mind, they need a compassionate professional who can answer them as quickly as possible.

Most professionals will recommend that the pet is placed in a bag before arrival, whether a repair or a full mount is taking place. For reptiles, it is especially important to store them in cooler locations that do not get a lot of direct sunlight, so that shrinkage is not an issue. Restoration and repair are both handled by professionals who will keep the taxidermy looking its best for years to come.

Regardless of what the pet owner’s needs may be, advanced reptile taxidermy techniques are applied to ensure that the pet looks its best. No job is too big or too small to be handled at these locations. The initial process could take up to six months, depending on the specific requests that are being made by the client. As for the repair process, they tend to be on the shorter side, but this is not a one size fits all sort of thing.

Instead, each client’s pet is treated with the individual respect that they deserve. Some clients may want to choose a VIP package to cut down on the amount of time that the process takes, but the process is always going to be a bit time-consuming. Keeping a pet’s memory alive is hard work that can only be done by the most experienced professionals. In-home maintenance is great, but there is nothing wrong with leaning on a compassionate professional during times like these. Call us!

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