Pet Preservation in San Francisco, California

The traditional method of pet preservation is now outdated with the development of taxidermy. With the taxidermy innovation, you can now have your pet for long life in the same state, color, and form. How long does this preservation method take? How big or small your pet will determine the time taken.The larger pet may take up to six months, while it may take about two months to remove water for smaller animals completely. They receive a lot of care from the taxidermist until they are ready to be taken home. Would you love to spend more time with your pet? Numerous taxidermists perform taxidermy in San Francisco, California.
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Pet Freeze-Drying In San Francisco, California

Pets are part of our family, and if they dye, it can be heartbreaking. The only way you can continue to honor their memory is through quality preservation. In San Francisco, California, Pet freeze-drying taxidermy is the current preservation technique. The taxidermist usually preserves your pet with little alteration to maintain its natural status so that it can offer comfort and closure to the owner.

Dog Freeze-Drying

Dogs are among the animals that man keeps as pets. They are not only friendly but can provide additional security to your home. Therefore, losing a dog can be heartbreaking, but with the new taxidermy technique, dog freeze-drying is made possible. After all initial preparations are complete, you will be required to send pictures of the posture you would like to remember your dog into the taxidermist.

Cat Freeze-Drying

Did you lose your cat? All is not lost. Visit us today at Animal Family for your cat freeze-drying. We are the leading cat taxidermy in San Francisco, California.

Our taxidermist is specialized in all poses from simply sitting and lying posture to that curled up and asleep pose that evocative your cat. Besides sending your cat photos, the taxidermist will talk with you about your cat’s history to come up with the best-agreed pose.

Bird Freeze-Drying

Bird freeze-drying is a common practice in San Francisco, California. Would you like to preserve the memories and spirit of your lovely bird? At Animal Family in San Francisco, California, we have a taxidermist’s team to help you with that.

Reptiles Freeze-Drying

Is it possible to freeze-dry a reptile? If your pet was a reptile, worry not. It is possible to freeze-dry reptiles. Our taxidermist team will help you generate a memorable pose that you would like to remember your animal with.

Pet Taxidermy In San Francisco, California

Are you in San Francisco, California, and would like to preserve the memory of pets? Visit us at Animal Family Pet Preservation, and we offer taxidermy services. We have a specialized taxidermist team that is a pet lover and will journey with you in developing the best pose for your pet.

Dog Taxidermy In San Francisco, California

Freeze drying taxidermy is a technique used to preserve smaller pets. But did you know that Animal Family we can preserve any size pet given our methods and team of experienced taxidermist? While other taxidermists may refuse to freeze dry taxidermy larger dogs, we can. We have been in business since 1993.

Cat Taxidermy in San Francisco, California

Not every taxidermist offers cat taxidermy as we do at Animal Family Pet Preservation. With our team of qualified taxidermists, we offer cat taxidermy in San Francisco. Visit us or call us today and we will explain everything you want to know.

Additional Pet Taxidermy In San Francisco, California

At Animal Family, we also offer taxidermy services to small animals. These little animals include birds, reptiles, and small mammals such as rabbits. While other taxidermy centers may refuse large animals like a horse, we can taxidermy your horse. Are you in San Francisco, and would require to taxidermy your pet large or small call or visit us, and we will be happy to help preserve your beloved pet’s memories?


Pet Cremation Service In San Francisco, California

The cost of cremation in San Francisco, California, varies based on the pet’s weight. The cremation service is usually private, and the family receives a certificate without additional charges. Your cremains are then preserved in a wooden Urn. Below is a summary of the average cost of cremation in San Francisco, California.

Pet Weight cost

1 – 6 pounds $145
6 – 35 pounds $185
35 – 75 pounds $235
75 – 125 pound $285
Above 125 pounds $385

Points of Interest & Activities In San Francisco, California

Are you looking for recreation services in San Francisco, California? At the Recreation and Park Department in San Francisco, we manage about 220 parks, open space, and playgrounds. We also have two others located in the city: the sharp park in Pacific and Camp Mather in the High Sierras. We offer recreation centers, golf courses, sports fields, and swimming pool activities.

Need a Taxidermist in San Francisco, California? Visit Animal Family Pet Preservation, and you will sort your issue. We have a team of a qualified taxidermist who is ready to assist you in every step of the way. We provide taxidermy services to all pets from small to large ones.

Frequently Asked Questions about Pet Preservation in San Francisco

Are you looking for professional taxidermy services in San Francisco?
Call or text us at (740)703-3937, we are available 24/7.

How Much Does It Cost for Pet Preservation In San Francisco?

For pets weighing six pounds and below, you are likely to pay $1150. Those weighing more each will have their prices.

How Much Does It Cost for Dog Taxidermy In San Francisco?

A dog weighing six pounds and below costs $1150, and for every additional pound, it will cost $35.

How Much Does It Cost for Cat Taxidermy In San Francisco?

A cat that weighs six pounds and below costs $1150, and for every additional pound, it will cost $35.

How Much Does It Cost for Other Pet Taxidermy In San Francisco?

Various factors can determine the cost of preservation. These factors may include size and weight. You will be required to visit our site or call us for specific information.