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We here at Animal Family Pet Preservation have been doing pet taxidermy, dog taxidermy and cat taxidermy preservation of pets since 1993. We often are asked “is there anyone closer to me for pet preservation?

Sadly many people when in need of taxidermy pet preservation will go to whomever is closest. And since Animal Family Pet Preservation is within 8 hours drive of over 50% of the US population, that is often us! But that is not the only reason, or even a good reason, to choose Animal Family for pet taxidermy and preservation.

You deserve only the best for your pet, our  pet business the only pet preservation service in the United States that offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY ON ALL PET PRESERVATION.  That itself should tell you that we are the best in America at what we do best…pet preservation, dog taxidermy, cat taxidermy and reptile, hamster, rat taxidermy. We can handle any pet for preservation from mice to 150 pound dogs.

So whether you live in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, West Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, the Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, or even California, we can make it easy to ship your pet to Animal Family Pet Preservation.

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