Stuff a pet?

February 8, 2017 12:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Its an antiquated term, but we still hear it regarding pet taxidermy on dogs and cats. Pet Cat taxidermy, Pet Dog taxidermy, reptile taxidermy, or pet bird taxidermy, it all had to do with the pet taxidermist. Here at our pet taxidermy studio, we understand that to stuff a pet for taxidermy is what some might say. But what you want is a pet taxidermist who is genuine and compassionate, who thinks of pet taxidermy on a dog, or pet preservation on a cat as if the pet customer will have their family friend for life, because they will. In fact we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on all pet taxidermy, dog or cat, bird or reptile, whatever the pet. So when you ask “How much to stuff a pet? How much to stuff a pet dog or cat? ” We will answer all your questions, including what to call it. We don’t Stuff a pet, we preserve pets. But you can say stuff a pet if you want to!

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