A lifetime guarantee on pet preservation, dog and cat taxidermy freeze dry

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That’s right, a lifetime guarantee is included on every pet we taxidermy, whether it be dog or cat preservation, taxidermy and freeze dry, pet bird taxidermy and freeze dry, reptile taxidermy any pet or non-pet, we offer a no cost lifetime guarantee. No bugs, no leaks, no odor. We will even repair your pet for free if you accidentally damage it.

No one else in the field offers this guarantee, and no one else will. Because our pet preservation process is proprietary, you can finally count on quality pet preservation for a lifetime. So whether you live in states that border Animal Family Pet Preservation here in Ohio like Indiana, Michigan, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, or West Virginia or any other states that use our freeze dry pet process like North and South Dakota, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, North and South Carolina, Minnesota, Tennesee, Florida, Missouri, Illinois, Wisconsin, and even California, you can rest easy knowing you have the best quality pet taxidermist and freeze dry preservation in the country. We even get calls from people in Canada for pet preservation taxidermy and pet freeze dry!

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