10 Ways to Remember Your Deceased Dog Forever

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Losing a beloved pet is heartbreaking. We love our dogs so much, and they love us too. When they die, it is as if a family member is gone. The depth of your despair is truly the depth of your love. Yes, life moves on, and we must pick up the pieces and keep going forward. However, you may find it helpful to have some comfort with these ten ways to remember your dog.

  1. Have a Keepsake Made

There are artists on Etsy that can make a pet keepsake for you. You may want a locket shaped like a heart with a place to have a photo of your dog or an engraved medallion with an image made from a photo.

There are so many ways to remember your dog. You may want a key chain, a bracelet, a Christmas ornament, or a memorial stone engraved with your dog’s name to place in your garden.

  1. Commission a Painting

Animal lovers enjoy having artwork made from a photo of their pet. Having a painting made to hang on a wall is a lovely way to have a kind reminder of the love you have for your dog.

There are many artistic styles, including watercolors, acrylics, oil painting, digital drawings, illustrations, and more.

Many artists doing dog artwork are extremely talented, and the prices are reasonable. They can produce a nearly-photo-realistic drawing or painting. There are even dog paintings with the dogs wearing a costume as if they are royalty.

  1. Have a Song Named After Your Pet offers free music to enjoy listening to and use on social media, such as for YouTube videos. The project is called Play A Song – Save A Dog. Royalties earned support animal rescue efforts.

They release music every month that millions of listeners enjoy. Supporters play the music on Spotify or Apple Music, 24/7, as relaxing background music to generate a continuous stream of royalties to help dogs.

You may also make a donation to have a song named after your dog or sponsor an album in your dog’s memory.

  1. Preserve Your Dog

Animal Family Pet Preservation offers professional taxidermy to preserve your dog in a life-like manner. The eyes are open, the head raised, and for custom work, your dog made be positioned in a favorite sitting pose or standing up. Look at the company’s photo album to see the beautiful taxidermy work with amazingly realistic and life-like results.

The care taken by the company to preserve your dog is both science and art. The results speak for themselves.

When dealing with overwhelming grief, many find great comfort in having such a beautiful reminder of their beloved pet. The company also offers pet cremation with lovely urns for the cremains, or you may choose to scatter the ashes in a special place that your dog enjoyed.

The taxidermy service is popular with a long waiting list. We recommend using the VIP service to avoid waiting up to eight months. The pricing is fully transparent, and the process is compassionate and kind. Watch this video to learn more about it. Feel free to call Mark Maier at 740-703-3937 and speak directly with the owner.

  1. Sew a Quilt

If you have sewing skills, you can make a quilt for comfort that includes your favorite photos of your beloved pet dog. The National Quilters Circle has a nice instructional video that shows how to transfer images to fabric.

If you do not have the skills to make a quilt yourself, there are artisans on Esty that will make a quilt for you.

  1. Plant a Tree

A beautiful way to memorialize your pet dog is to plant a tree in the garden in a favorite place. You can carve your dog’s name in the tree or hang a medallion with your pet’s name and photo around the trunk.

Some find it comforting to make a nice bench to sit below the tree and use this as a meditation retreat or a relaxing place to sit and reminisce about all the happy times you had playing with your dog.

  1. Make a Memory Box

Collect all your dog’s favorite things and place them in a box with some photos. You may want to include a favorite toy, a blanket, and a collar or leash. You may enjoy having your dog’s name engraved on the cover of a fine wooden box.

  1. Help an Animal Rescue Center

The emotional pain of losing your beloved pet usually does not go away. However, over time you find a way to deal with it. The pain is still there, but it is not completely overwhelming. One thing that helps keep the sadness under control is to volunteer to help at your local animal shelter. Most shelters need volunteers to help take care of the animals.

You may find your life brightens up quite a bit by simply taking a rescued dog for a walk. Who knows? You may be lucky to find another best friend who needs you as much as you need them.

  1. Build a Memorial

Having a place that memorializes the love for your dog is a terrific way to manage your grief. You may want to build a memorial in the backyard using rocks or stones aligned in the shape of a heart. Another possibility is to make a cross out of white cement using a plastic form.

Mix the white cement, add a bit of fiberglass or cut-up pieces of window screen material to keep it from cracking, and pour the mixture into the form. Then after it dries, you can add your dog’s name to the cross using stick-on lettering or by hand painting the name on the cross.

Building a memorial together is a quality bonding experience if you have children and an appropriate way to teach children about death.

  1. Make a Photo Album

Collecting all your dog’s photos and making an album is a fun way to enjoy fond memories. You have the option of creating a physical photo album like a coffee table book, or you may want to create an online version using social media to share with friends and family members who also loved your pet.

In Loving Memory

Of these top ten choices, preservation is the most amazing option. People who made this choice feel like their dog is still with them. It is certainly one of the best ways to remember your dog. Contact Animal Family Pet Preservation to learn more about this option for all your pets.

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