dogs frozen before cremation

Are Dogs Frozen Before Cremation?

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Losing a beloved pet is an incredibly difficult experience filled with sorrow and grief. As pet owners, we often face the difficult decision of how to say goodbye to our furry family members. One common practice that often raises concerns is pet cremation, particularly when it comes to the question of freezing dogs before the process. In this blog, we will delve into the truth behind the freezing myth and shed light on the compassionate process of pet cremation, ultimately guiding you toward Animal Family Pet Preservation, an organization known for our empathetic and respectful approach to this delicate matter.

Understanding the Concern

When confronted with the idea of freezing our cherished companions, it’s natural to feel uneasy and question the reasoning behind such a practice. Many owners might worry about the potential harm or distress this could cause to their pets. However, it is important to debunk this myth and reassure pet owners that freezing pets before cremation is not a common or necessary part of the process.

Debunking the Freezing Myth


1. Respect for the Deceased Pets:

We understand the profound bond shared between owners and their pets. Their compassionate approach to pet cremation prioritizes the respectful handling of deceased pets. Freezing pets is unnecessary and goes against the principles of compassion, dignity, and understanding that guide Animal Family Pet Preservation in providing the best possible service to grieving pet owners.

2. Pre-Cremation Procedures:

Prior to cremation, two important steps are taken to ensure a smooth and respectful process. Firstly, the pet is carefully placed in a refrigerated environment. This preservation method is commonly used in veterinary clinics and helps slow down the natural decomposition process. It ensures that the pet remains in a stable condition until the cremation takes place. Secondly, identification practices, such as an ID tag or a unique label, are implemented to ensure the pet’s remains are treated with utmost care and respect throughout the process.

The Compassionate Pet Cremation Process


1. Individual Cremation:

We offer individual cremation, meaning your beloved pet will be cremated alone rather than in a communal crematorium setting. This ensures that you will receive only your pet’s ashes, providing a sense of closure and the opportunity for a meaningful memorial.

2. Coordinated Scheduling:

Upon reaching out to Animal Family Pet Preservation, you can expect a compassionate and understanding response, alleviating any concerns you may have. We will guide you through the entire process, from scheduling the cremation to answering any questions you might have. Animal Family Pet Preservation prioritizes coordination with pet owners to ensure a smooth and timely process, enabling you to mourn and heal without unnecessary delays or complications.

3. Personalized Memorial Options:

Grieving and remembering our beloved pets is a vital part of the healing process. Animal Family Pet Preservation provides various memorial options to help honor and celebrate your pet’s life. From custom urns and memorial jewelry to framed paw prints and keepsake containers, these personalized mementos enable you to cherish the memories and hold them close to your heart.

Choosing Animal Family Pet Preservation

When making crucial decisions about your pet’s final arrangements, choosing a compassionate and empathetic organization that values the bond you shared is essential. Animal Family Pet Preservation is dedicated to providing the highest standard of care and compassion throughout the cremation process. Our commitment to respecting the memory of your pet ensures that you receive the comfort and reassurance you need during this difficult time.


It is understandable to have concerns about how our pets are treated after they pass away. By debunking the myth of freezing animals before cremation and shedding light on the compassionate practices employed by Animal Family Pet Preservation, we hope to provide you with a sense of calm and understanding. Remember, they prioritize the dignity and respect of your beloved pet and offer various memorial options to help you celebrate their life. Reach out to them today and entrust your pet to an organization that genuinely cares about them and understands your need for compassion and support during this challenging time.

Contact Animal Family Pet Preservation Today

If you’re seeking a compassionate and understanding approach to pet cremation, contact Animal Family Pet Preservation and allow us to guide you through the process, providing the comfort and support you and your pet deserve. Let us be your trusted partner in honoring your furry family member’s memory.

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