6 Ways to Make Your Dog’s Last Days Their Best Days

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Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason. They aren’t always perfect, but they always seem to know when we need them and can bring a smile to our faces at just the right time. Unfortunately, our canine friends don’t live forever. The time will come when disease and/or old age will catch up with our pets and it is up to pet owners to see the signs and do what his best for the dog in their final days. Here are some ways to make the most out of the end of your dog’s last days and give yourself a last dose of good memories with your pet.

Bring Your Dog to the Vet and Follow Advice

In many instances, dogs may be acting sick and lethargic, but there could be a reasonable explanation, and there may be a non-intrusive treatment that could help your pet get better If there are no affordable options (financial or emotional) your dog’s vet can help you with a plan to assure that your pet is as comfortable as possible during the end of their life. It may mean specialized food that is easier to digest. It could mean medication to manage pain and possibly give them a little energy for some playtime they may have been missing out on. One way or another, you will learn just what you are dealing with and be able to decide your best course of action going forward.

Once you are home from the vet, following instructions is important. It may prevent or limit flare-ups of pain, indigestion, or behavioral difficulties, depending on the symptoms they have. Medications should be given on schedule to assure that your pet stays as comfortable as possible.

Manage Pain and Assure Comfort

Pain medication is one way to keep your pet comfortable, but there are also other ways you can help them relax and feel reassured during the end of his life. Sometimes there are special pet masseuses in the area that know how to give your dog a good massage and relieve pain in achy joints. There may also be pet behavior experts that can help you read the emotional cues if he is not acting like himself.

Setting up one or more places where your dog can stop and rest and be near his humans can be very comforting for them Have corners in your home equipped with favorite blankets and toys that remind them of good times you have together. If your home is normally busy, try to lower the volume and activity level a bit to ease their stress during the difficult time.

Assure Comfort

Make Your Dog a Bucket List

Think about when your dog is happiest. Is it in the park? Is it playing on the floor? Is it riding in the car with the windows cracked? Whatever you think your dog’s last wishes would be, indulge him as much as he is physically able to handle. If he has friends, either human or canine, that he enjoys spending time with have them over for a play date, assuming that your dog isn’t afflicted with anything contagious. Seeing your dog extra happy will be good for both them and you.

Spoil with Care

Making your dog a vet-approved meal featuring some digestible human food can really make them feel like a king or queen for a day. When he is eating dog food, go ahead and splurge on the good high-quality stuff that will offer the best nutrition and taste. Low-quality food may lead to an upset stomach, making things harder for them.

Make Sure He Has Company

When a dog is near the end of their life, it is hard to determine the exact time that they will go. It is important that during this time, there is someone accessible who is familiar to your dog to be with him as much as possible when things get difficult and frightening. Even if he is in pain and is not tolerating being pet as much as usual, just sitting with him and saying reassuring words in a soothing voice can make your dog feel better.

Make Your Home Extra Accessible

If your dog is feeling weak, doing things like jumping in the car or on the couch, or on your bed may be difficult. Provide dog stairs or ramps to help him retain as much of his mobility as possible as he navigates your home. Also, things like raised food and water dishes make it easier to eat, and extra potty pads help him if it is hard for him to wait to go outside.
Losing your dog will likely be among the most difficult experiences you will have to go through. You want to be there for him and honor him the way he has done for you in his own way. That is why it is important to keep the focus on your dog rather than yourself while he is still alive.

Once he passes, it is time to take care of your own grieving needs. At Animal Family Pet Preservation, we offer assistance with coping with grief, pet cremation and taxidermy services, so you can choose your own way to grieve and honor your pet at an affordable cost. To learn more about our services, contact us at 740-703-3937.

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