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What is the Cost to Cremate Your Pet?

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So, your precious pet has recently died. You’re likely to be very distraught, and rightly so because pets are sometimes like children to their owners. Now that your pet has passed, you might be trying to determine how best to memorialize your precious pet. Should you bury them in the backyard and build a headstone, or should you do something a bit more elaborate, like having them cremated? If cremation is possible, you might wonder what the cost to cremate your pet is. Here is an overview of cremation costs and more. 

Why Choose Cremation?

There are many reasons to choose cremation after your pet passes. First of all, cremation is a quick and simple process that is often cheaper than elaborate burial plans that are sometimes opted for. Another reason you should choose cremation is that keeping your pet’s remains in an urn has advantages. Not only are there some attractive urns, but urns are portable. Traveling frequently lets you easily “take your pet with you.” 

Choosing cremation for a lost pet also gives you greater flexibility, meaning you can make any number of plans once the process has been completed. For instance, it’s certainly possible if you want to spread your pet’s ashes in the ocean or in another special place where you and your pet spent time together. Without opting for cremation, this option is impossible since you can’t bury a pet on public property.

Determining Whether Cremation is a Good Idea

It can be hard to think clearly about anything after losing a pet, let alone think clearly about what you should do with your pet’s remains. Many pet owners love cremation and think it’s a great way to memorialize a pet after its death. You must consider all cremation aspects to determine if it’s a good idea for you. If the idea of having your pet’s body incinerated and turned to ashes makes you squeamish, then you might want to think twice about cremation. On the other hand, if the thought of cremating your pet’s body and having the ability to carry around its ashes in an attractive urn is appealing to you, then cremation might be a great idea. To make a definitive decision, discuss your options with your cremation specialist.

How Much is Pet Cremation?

The cost of pet cremation varies greatly, depending on the type and size of your pet. Cremation can cost as little as $30 for a small animal or as much as $250 or even more for very large animals. Another aspect of cremation that determines the cost is the specific cremation process that you choose. Furthermore, the price of pet cremation is often higher if you opt for add-ons like a decorative box or urn in which to carry your pet’s remains. Whenever you decide to have your deceased pet cremated, your cremation specialist can answer all your questions and inform you of your specific pet cremation cost. 

The Types of Pet Cremation

Many pet owners who aren’t familiar with pet cremation believe that there is one type of cremation for pets. Actually, there are three basic types of pet cremation: private, semi-private, and communal. Your pet’s body will be cremated alone during a private pet cremation. On the other hand, a communal pet cremation involves a number of pets being cremated simultaneously.

A private cremation is often costlier, so if you’re trying to keep your costs to a minimum and you don’t mind your pet’s ashes being mixed with other pets, then you might be fine with a communal cremation. Some pet owners prefer a semi-private cremation. With this type, pets are simultaneously cremated, but the remains of the animals are kept separate. This can give you peace of mind by knowing that you will have only your pet’s ashes in the urn but at a reduced cost. 

However, if it’s important for you to have your pet’s ashes alone and you don’t want them mixed with the ashes of other people’s pets, then a private or semi-private cremation is recommended. Remember that a private cremation is more expensive, so ask your crematorium for price quotes on all types of services. 

What Are Alternatives to Cremation?

There are many alternatives to cremation in the event you have decided it’s not for you, then here are some other options:

  • Taxidermy – your pet’s body can be kept in a lifelike state for a lifetime. 
  • Burial & memorial – you could go the traditional route, bury your pet, and build a memorial around its grave. However, if you don’t have adequate space in your backyard or a backyard at all, paying to have your pet buried in a designated pet cemetery could prove to be expensive, or at least more expensive than cremation.
  • Pet skeleton & preservation – this is a process in which a skilled individual or team carefully rebuilds your pet’s skeleton after its death, regardless of how it may have died. 

So, if you’ve decided that cremation is right for you and are ready to get started, you need a professional and efficient crematorium to get the job done. Animal Family Pet Preservation has provided pet cremation and other services for deceased pets since the 90s. With caring, supportive, and empathetic counselors and other staff members, you can choose Animal Family Pet Preservation to conduct your pet’s cremation. Animal Family Pet Preservation’s professional staff will meet to discuss everything you should expect before, during, and after the cremation process. Call today to start preserving your pet’s body via cremation, whether you plan to keep the remains or spread them in a place that is special to you and your pet.

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